Chief Operating Officer and Co-founder
Aaron Sheedy is Chief Operating Officer and Co-founder of Xealth, a digital health prescribing platform that enables clinicians to easily integrate and prescribe digital health tools for patients from their EHR workflows. Xealth spun out of Providence St. Joseph Health (PSJH) in 2017. Prior to Xealth, Sheedy was COO of Swype, an innovative touchscreen keyboard which made communication easier, faster and more inclusive. Swype was installed on over one billion smartphones and tablets, and the company was sold to Nuance for over $100 million in 2011. At Nuance, Sheedy led the team that managed the text and voice input technology solutions; customers included Apple’s Siri, Amazon’s Alexa, and other early mobile voice recognition platforms using the company’s speech and text recognition technologies. Sheedy has more than 18 years of experience in the consumer technology industry, with roles with North Carolina technology incubator Concert, VeriSign’s media and entertainment consulting practice, Oasys Mobile where he created solutions to deliver mobile content to customers, and Digeo Inc. managing the Basic iTV product, a suite of interactive channels that reached two million cable customers. In the late 90s, he was General Manager of ZIVO New Zealand where he established the company's first international offices and successfully negotiated a key acquisition creating New Zealand's largest internet development group. Sheedy's career began at Microsoft where he helped launch the first version of the Microsoft Network (MSN) and subsequently managed the development and implementation of an international social networking strategy across six key markets for MSN.

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