Chief Executive Officer and Founder
Nova Leah
Dr. Anita Finnegan is a visionary in the field of medical device cybersecurity. As the Founder and CEO of Nova Leah, she has brought her expertise to the forefront with SelectEvidence® - a world-renowned cybersecurity risk management tool that ensures medical device cybersecurity compliance across multiple international regulations. With a background in cybersecurity for medical devices, Finnegan has authored many peer reviewed journals and two international Technical Reports, ISO/IEC 80001-2-8 and ISO/IEC 80001-2-8, cementing her place as a global expert in the field. Her innovation and impact have earned her and Nova Leah numerous awards and recognition. In 2019, Nova Leah was named Emerging Company of the Year and in 2020, Dr. Finnegan was a finalist in the EU Women Innovator Prize and won the SFI Entrepreneurship Award. Nova Leah has been featured in WIRED Magazine as one of Europe's hottest startups and Finnegan has been listed in "50 Female Entrepreneurs Everyone Should Know." As a trusted advisor to numerous government bodies, Dr. Finnegan continues to drive the advancement of medical device cybersecurity and protect patients from the potential harm of connected medical devices. Finnegan's unwavering commitment to healthcare cybersecurity fuels her pursuit of advancing innovation across the entire healthcare supply chain.

Speaking at:

Cybersecurity Forum: Medical Device Security: Industry Best Practices and Regulatory Guidelines
Monday, April 17 at 3:00 pm - 4:00 pm
South Building, Level 1 | S102 Details