M.D., Ph.D,

President of Catholic Information Convergence Institute, Psychiatrist, Professor of Medical Informatics
Dr. Dai-jin Kim is the President of the Catholic Information Convergence Institute, and also an Executive Director of the Smart Hospital in the Seoul ST. Mary’s Hospital. He has been working as a psychiatrist for 25 years specializing in Alcohol abuse, Nicotine dependence, Drug abuse, Behavioral addiction and etc. He led the establishment of Digital Transformation Plan for accompanied growth in 8 Affiliated Catholic University Hospitals in the Era of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. He integrated Hospital Information System of 8 affiliated hospitals and built the Clinical Data Warehouse (CDW) containing de-identified standardized medical data from 15 million patients. The CDW of Catholic Medical Center is the largest medical data platform in Korea. Aiming to promote various collaboration research and business linkage through CDW, he looks forward to bring the universal health improvement through new clinical evidence based on the Medical Big Data.

Speaking at:

APAC Summit: Addressing Key Issues in APAC Healthcare
Wednesday, April 19 at 10:00 am - 1:00 pm
West Building, Level 1 | Hyde Park A (CC11A) Details