Senior Digital Health Specialist
Dana Trampas' passion for creativity and innovation can be traced back to a small black-box community theater. Nearly a decade of theater studies built a foundation of strategic planning and management, relationship building, working with limited resources, emotional intelligence, and a desire to excite others about the things that excite her through storytelling. Dana has worked in health and technology for over ten years and presently is a Senior Digital Health Specialist at HIMSS Analytics, cultivating relationships with global health and technology leaders to enhance digital health transformation strategies. She is an analytical thinker, planner, and connector, coordinating relationships as the liaison for the maturity model advisory panels that connect key experts and stakeholders from around the world to strengthen advancement of outcomes focused digital health ecosystems. Dana is a consultant with SCAN Health (Supply Chain Achievement Network in Health) to support the Community of Practice (CoP) established to advance supply chain resilience, workforce sustainability and economic recovery in Canada’s post-pandemic future. When Dana is not studying for her Master of Public Health at Benedictine University, you can find her actively engaged in the Global Health Equity Network and HIT Like a Girl Pod Community, amplifying voices for inclusion in healthcare.

Speaking at:

Providing Care and Collecting Data for LGBTQ+ Community
Tuesday, April 18 at 4:15 pm - 5:15 pm
South Building, Level 5 | S505 Details