Data Scientist
UVA Health
Dr. Margot Bjoring is a data scientist at UVA Health and a member of the analytics and reporting team under the Quality and Performance Improvement Department. Prior to joining UVA Health, they earned a doctorate in 2021 from the University of Virginia Department of Psychology with support from an NSF Graduate Research Fellowship, conducting basic research in the field of computational neuroscience, and completed a fellowship with the UVA School of Data Science. Dr. Bjoring’s work at UVA Health involves collaborations with administrators and physicians to apply analysis of electronic medical record data to improve patient care with a focus on facilitating access to real-time data to aid in decision making both at the scale of hospital operations and individual clinicians. Specific projects include development of the ICU Bundle Board to visualize the status of patient critical care and development of a dashboard to inform hospital administrators about availability and utilization of iodinated contrast.

Speaking at:

Using Real-Time Visualization of Nursing Observations to Improve Care Delivery
Wednesday, April 19 at 10:00 am - 11:00 am
South Building, Level 5 | S505 Details