Hawai'i Pacific Health - Davies Enterprise/Organizational Award

Hawai'i Pacific HealthHawai‘i Pacific Health is an integrated family of hospitals and doctors whose nonprofit mission is to provide the highest quality, most accessible medical care to the people of Hawai‘i and the Pacific Region.

As Hawai‘i’s largest health care provider, we are bringing technology and teamwork together in innovative ways to transform health care in Hawai‘i and create the health care of tomorrow today.

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Return on Investment

Hawai‘i Pacific Health, Hawai‘i’s largest health system and largest private employer, has demonstrated an annual return on investment from an integrated Electronic Medical Record (EMR) of 9.0% over ten years.

Success was achieved through the integration of all revenue cycle functions and by driving financial and clinical performance through transparency, collaboration, and accountability.

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Clinical Value

Hawai‘i Pacific Health’s electronic medical record has been critical to improvements in overall safety, quality, and effectiveness of care. Significant measureable improvements have been achieved in reducing or eliminating ventilator associated pneumonia, catheter associated urinary tract infections, and central line associated bloodstream infections.

Similar improvements have been accomplished in core measures, including very good performance in children’s asthma and recently adopted perinatal core measures.

Outpatient clinical care improvements in diabetes, hypertension and cancer screening have benchmarked HPH Clinics to the 90th percentile of the country on many measures. The EMR, and Health IT as a whole, has served as the cornerstone of this success.

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Patient Engagement

Much of the high cost of healthcare in the United States is due to the fact that care is often not delivered until disease has progressed to acute stages. Significant improvement in population health and cost savings can be realized by assisting patients to engage in the management of their own health parameters.

Learn how information technology and an outreach team were used to engage a population of 50,000 people to manage their health and to drive significant improvement in their health measures.

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Population Management

The CMS Triple Aim focuses on improving the patient experience, improving population health, and reducing the cost of healthcare. A patient centered approach that focuses on preventive care and leveraging robust Electronic Health Record (EHR) technology is one of the most effective solutions to accomplish all three goals.

Learn how a system wide EHR was used to manage population health by developing disease registries, point of care alerts, and physician engagement incentives.

Further improvement in patient engagement was realized using a care coordination team and a patient portal which are discussed in our Patient Engagement case study.

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Clinical Care Surveillance

Hawai‘i Pacific Health’s electronic health record has been instrumental in the implementation of a Clinical Care Surveillance Program for the obstetrical population at Kapi‘olani Medical Center for Women & Children, an obstetric and pediatric specialty hospital performing approximately 6,000 deliveries per year.

In 2009, as part of the Institute for Healthcare Improvement’s Perinatal Collaborative, a multidisciplinary team was formed to focus on improved care for patients receiving oxytocin during labor, and care related to post-partum hemorrhage.

This case study demonstrates the practical application of Health Information Technology (IT) to assist clinical teams in making improvements to patient care. Significant improvements were achieved.

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