Health Care DataWorks -Enterprise Data Warehouse: Happier Patients, More Productive Staff, Healthier Bottom Lines

For healthcare systems, mining data and analyzing information to drive decisions has presented its share of challenges. From community hospitals to regional health systems, it is a story with an all-too-familiar theme:

• Data tends to exist in departmental silos and is not easily accessible for analysis by all who want it.
• Information is not always readily available when people need it the most.
• When data is available, it might not provide the most up-to-date snapshot of financial, clinical, or other information.
• An organization-wide data governance structure often is lacking, leading to potential issues with accuracy of information.

In short, many hospitals and health systems find that their internal efforts to make data-driven and analytics-based decisions are limited by their organizational and technological realities. But the good news is it doesn’t have to be this way. Increasingly, with the advent of the healthcare
enterprise data warehouse (EDW), health systems are able to gain greater access to information in ways that previously were unimaginable. An EDW aggregates and organizes data from throughout the entire organization. End users with access to the EDW can analyze the data to gain deeper insights and create information-rich reports across the financial, administrative, clinical, and research functions.

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