Health Information Exchange Adoption: Driving End-User Value Beyond Implementation

interSystems.gifSo much of the focus on Health Information Exchange (HIE) has been centered on the standards, technology and infrastructure to support interoperability across disparate systems – both within an organization as well as across a community. While the technology platform is a critical factor in supporting HIE functions, fundamental value comes from a robust technical platform along with innovative services and broad end-user adoption across stakeholder groups – including physicians, hospitals, and other provider groups. Ultimately, adopting and operationalizing HIE capabilities is what drives clinical, operational, and financial value for the HIE and its stakeholders.

This webinar will focus on end-user adoption and will present practical experience and considerations in driving value beyond the technical implementation. The webinar content is applicable to both public HIE initiatives, such as state or regional efforts, as well as private HIEs, including those driven by large integrated delivery networks.

Throughout this webinar, you will:

  • Understand key considerations in developing end-user adoption strategies
  • Review major components of an adoption strategy
  • Discuss lessons learned and first hand experience from developing and executing end-user adoption strategies
  • Review approaches to assessing value from both the HIE and end-user perspectives