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How do I best translate an existing skill set into a better career in the EHR industry? April 2014
Due to issues in the industry, my career in the last year has been perilously ambiguous. I have spent the last 10 years working learning the EHR industry and assist clients with conversions, implementations, billing revenue cycle management and workflow designs.  How do I translate that into a better career for myself in the EHR industry?

How do I gain an entry-level role in the Healthcare Information Management industry? April 2014
Despite current strengths (education, experience, and certifications), I am having difficulty in getting even entry-level positions in healthcare, in order to transition into healthcare information management career. How do I change this? By David S. Finn, CISA, CISM, CRISC, Health IT Officer, Symantec Corporation.

What was your first job in healthcare IT?  June 2013
What was your first job in healthcare IT?  And what experiences and skills did you have at the time to land that position? Any advice looking back as to what you would have done differently as well in that role? By Bill Spooner

Educational Path for Healthcare IT Executives Feb 2013
Is there a specific educational path that strengthens your chances of becoming a C – suite healthcare IT executive? By Russ Branzell and David Miller

Recruting IT Executive Positions Jan 2013
How has recruiting for IT executive positions in the healthcare industry changed in the last 5 years? Please provide some thoughts and observations. By Melinda Costin and Ed Marx

Breaking into the Informatics Workforce Nov 2012
How can clinicians with no IT experience break into the informatics workforce and what certifications best suite a physician executive in today's healthcare market place? By Jonathan Teich and Karen Ondo

Encouraging Innovation Sep 2012
How do you encourage innovative ideas and what are the possible steps to follow to support it? By Herb Smaltz and Scott Holbrook

Achieving Success and Handling Failure
What actions have you taken that has accounted for most of your success and national recognition. How did you handle defeat and/or failure? By Karen Ondo and Herb Smaltz

Maintaining Morale in the Face of Change
Can you offer some guidance on how to motivate and maintain morale in these times of healthcare change? By Scott MacLean and Rick Lang

Starting a Health IT Career
What suggestions can you provide someone interested in a Health IT career to get inspired and motivated to get started? By Chris Belmont and Melinda Costin

Certification for Healthcare Executives
In your opinion, what kind of certifications are most valuable to a healthcare executive and why? By David Finn and Pete Shelkin

Importance of Technical Certifications for Executives
How important are technical certifications to you when considering hiring an employee for an executive role? How important is it to get the CHCIO or CPHIMS, for example? By David L. Miller and Charlene Underwood

Backgrounds for Health IT Executives
When hiring a candidate without direct Health IT experience, what is more attractive to you: a technology background, a clinical background, or a project management background? By Russ Branzell and Chuck Christian

Finding and Retaining Staff
Given the budgetary constraints, limits in IT spending, and growing competition for experienced HIT professionals, how can an organization find and retain staff - - what do you do to keep people loyal to a company and the cause? By David Finn and Carla Smith

Moving a Career to the Next Level
What are some actionable steps that a mid level health IT executive can take to move a career to the next level? And how do you handle the obstacle and roadblocks? By Chris Belmont and John Daniels

Formulating a Strategy and Measuring Success
How do I begin to formulate a strategic plan to balance the needs of the organization against the bandwidth of my staff, and how should we attempt to measure success with all of the given variables? Pete Shelkin and Rick Schooler