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Nursing Informatics Career Options Jun 2014
A question and answer session about nursing informatics career options - the intersection between medicine and computer science.

Impact on Informatics on Nursing May 2013
What impact has Informatics had on your nursing career? What advice do you have for nurses trying to make an impact with Informatics in their own positions?

First Job In Healthcare IT - April 2013
What was your first job in healthcare IT and what experiences and skills did you have at the time to land that position? Any advice looking back as to what you would have done differently as well in that role?

Nursing Informatics Career Path - Top Three Skill Sets Jan 2013
What are three main competencies that nurse informaticists need for career advancement? HIMSS Nurse eMentors Margaret Senn and Beth Haley share their insights.

Hiring Compatible Employees Dec 2012
How do you best hire compatible employees and avoid culture clash within any organization? Can you provide your thoughts on how best to approach this effort? By Linda Harrington and Maria Arellano

Balancing the Business and Clinical Sides of Informatics Nov 2012
How do you balance the business side of informatics with the clinical side of informatics - advice on how to balance both for quality healthcare? by Rhelinda McFadden and Mary Beth Mitchell

Encouraging Informatics Growth in Nurses Sep 2012
If you wanted to create an environment for nurses to be motivated and grow into the informatics professions, what are some of the things you would do? by Mark Sugrue and Robert Kirchner

Demand for Nursing Informatics Aug 2012
Do you think there will be a continuing demand for nurses in the informatics field and if so why? By Willa Fields and Jeanette Polaschek

Becoming a Marketable Nurse Jun 2012
How can a nurse become marketable to employers seeking vendor specific knowledge? By Robert (Clark) Campbell and Beth Halley

Challenges within Nursing Informatics and Health IT May 2012
In your opinion what were the challenges you faced in your role as a nurse in health IT and are there really job opportunities available for those interested in pursuing a career related to Nursing Informatics? by Dana Alexander and Willa Fields

Getting a Nursing Informatics Position May 2012
What specific strategies would you use to increase your chance of getting a position if this apparently was your only weakness by feedback received? by Cheryl Parker and Joyce Sensmeier

Importance of Project Management within a Health Informatics Masters Degree May 2012
How important is it to take a project management class while earning my master's degree in Healthcare Informatics? What other opportunities would you have taken advantage of while earning your degree? by Brenda Herrmann and Jeanette Polaschek

Transitioning to an Executive Position May 2012
How would you recommend professionally preparing and transitioning from a Nursing Informatics Director position to a VP of Informatics position or Nurse Executive position? by Charles Boicey and Karen Carroll

What is a Nurse Informatics Specialist May 2012
What is a nurse informatics specialist and what's the difference between that role and the current role of a nurse in our healthcare system today? by Cheryl Parker and Karen Martin