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Challenges as a Pharmacist in Health IT May 2013
In your opinion what were the challenges you faced in your role as a Pharmacist in health IT and are there other job opportunities available for those interested in pursuing a career? Leslie Addison, R. Ph., MPH, Pharmacy Benefits Management Clinical Manager, Department of Health Care Finance, Xerox Government Healthcare Solution

Transitioning into Pharmacy Informatics Jan 2013
How do you see pharmacists transitioning into pharmacy informatics and can you provide some career tips to follow along the way? By Michael Van Ornum and George Robinson

Issues with Electronic Refills Dec 2012
Our providers are having problems with staff (clerks/ techs) not being trained to send out electronic refills back to our providers. This is occurring despite our providers sending the original script to them via Surescripts. What questions should be asked? by Elisha Ashton and Jim Russell