HIE Organizations Supporting Meaningful Use Stage 2 Goals

Providers receiving EHR incentive payments under the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) EHR Incentive Payment Programs (Medicare and Medicaid) may be subject to audits up to 6 years following attestation, and may be given as little as 2 weeks to submit audit documentation.  HIE organizations (HIOs) can provide support for this process through many of the services they offer to their stakeholders, but every HIO is progressing at its own pace and focused on the needs of its particular stakeholder group.

This survey, distributed to both public and private HIE organizations across the US, asked which Meaningful Use-related services are currently offered to participating stakeholders.  Results illustrate the wide range of services offered by different HIOs, the areas where service offerings are more well-established, and those that are in need of development in order to support stakeholders during an audit process.

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Intersection of HITECH and HIE

  • Meaningful Use Stage 2 and future stage criteria is anticipated to include rigorous expectations for health information exchange including:
    • Data capture in electronic format
    • Electronic data exchange capabilities - transmission and receipt
    • Structure data formats
  • Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS)* states that any provider receiving an EHR incentive payment for either the Medicare or Medicaid EHR Incentive Program may be subject to an audit.
    • Providers may have only 2 weeks to collect and submit audit documentation
    • Providers can be audited up to six years following attestation
    • Recommended best practices is to keep audit-ready files available for each year that providers attest for an EHR Incentive Payment


Survey Purpose:

HIMSS conducted a survey to report if local/regional/private HIE/HIOs are offering Meaningful Use related services to their stakeholders. HIE/HIOs should be prepared to support their participating stakeholders for audit-readiness if selected for an audit.

Targeted Audience for Survey:

HIE/HIO Organizations


  • An online survey tool was used for data collection
  • Survey results are self-reported with no additional follow-up of participants
  • Survey participants are confidential
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