Certification: CAHIMS and CPHIMS

Demonstrate your expertise and experience as a health information and technology professional with CAHIMS or CPHIMS certification from HIMSS. In a field experiencing vast change, it’s important to possess a standard body of knowledge and an up-to-date skillset. HIMSS certifications show you’re well informed and well prepared for what’s next in your career.

What are the CAHIMS and CPHIMS Certifications?

The Certified Associate in Healthcare Information and Management Systems (CAHIMS) certification is a pathway for expanding and diversifying industry knowledge for both early careerists and those with more experience.

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The Certified Professional in Healthcare Information and Management Systems (CPHIMS) is a certification program for experienced professionals, acknowledging and honoring their proven expertise and commitment to the field.

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Why should you get CAHIMS or CPHIMS certified?

Receiving a HIMSS certification demonstrates your knowledge and understanding of the profession and that you have reached a milestone in your career development.

  • Distinguish yourself in an increasingly competitive marketplace.
  • Expand your career opportunities.
  • Validate your knowledge, competency and credibility.
  • Gain skills and tools to help you make a difference in your organization and community.
  • Demonstrate your commitment to continuing professional development and lifelong learning.
  • Reinforce sustainability in periods of transition.

If you would like to learn more about becoming certified, review the Certification Eligibility Requirements.

Certification Process

To apply to take a certification exam, complete the online application. Applications will be reviewed for eligibility, and candidates will be contacted with next steps.

Certification exams are administered at select testing centers and HIMSS events, and candidates receive their results before leaving. All candidates must apply and receive an Eligibility ID# before making a test reservation.

Certification Renewal

Certification credential renewal is every three years. To renew your certification, either retake and pass the examination or submit a renewal application.

Candidate Handbooks
Candidate handbooks are complete guides to the examination process. Handbooks contain an overview of the exam and an application, along with information about preparing for, applying for and scheduling to take the exam, and the exam process and scoring.

CAHIMS Handbook CPHIMS Handbook

Learning Plans
Learning plans guide you to useful resources during the self-paced preparation exam or for use during in-person or online review courses. They can also help you establish a weekly schedule while preparing for your exam.

CAHIMS Learning Plan CPHIMS Learning Plan

Competency Gap Assessment
The Competency Gap Assessment will help you determine your exam readiness. It can also help identify personal strengths and areas for growth to support your professional development objectives and help acquire or strengthen your skills.

CAHIMS Assessment CPHIMS Assessment

CPHIMS Practice Exam
The 100-question online practice examination was developed using the same procedures as the CPHIMS Examination, and conforms to examination specifications in content, cognitive levels, format, and difficulty. It should be used to familiarize yourself with format and type of questions you will find on the actual CPHIMS exam. Feedback during the practice exam provides you with a narrative rationale for the correct answer and may assist you in self-identifying areas for further review or study. The questions presented in the practice exam are different from the questions contained on the CPHIMS Performance on the practice exam should not be considered predictive of final performance on the actual CPHIMS exam.

CPHIMS Practice Exam

Review Courses and Webinars
Instructor-led, interactive, one-day, in-person review courses, and online review courses and instructional webinars are available.

Contact us for more information, or find upcoming in-person and online review courses and webinars on our Events page.

To reflect changes in the health information and technology field, HIMSS has updated its existing CAHIMS and CPHIMS exams. Changes have been made to eligibility criteria and the scope of content covered on the exam. Contact us for more information or with any questions.

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HIMSS Organizational Affiliate Member: $190 U.S.
HIMSS Member (excludes Chapter Only and Online Only members): $240 U.S.
Non-Member: $315 U.S.
Retake: $150 U.S.
Extension: $100 U.S.
Renewal Member: $150 U.S.
Renewal Non-Member: $215 U.S.


HIMSS Organizational Affiliate Member: $375 U.S.
HIMSS Member: $405 U.S.
Non-Member: $525 U.S.
Retake: $250 U.S.
Extension: $100 U.S.
Renewal Member: $250 U.S.
Renewal Non-Member: $350 U.S.

Veterans Exam Fee Reimbursement
HIMSS offers exam fee reimbursement for U.S. veterans. To be reimbursed, you must be eligible for the Montgomery G.I. Bill, Reserve Education Assistance Program, Veterans Education Assistance Program or Dependents Educational Assistance programs. For more information about the benefit and eligibility requirements, contact your assigned Veterans Affairs office or contact the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs.