HIMSS 2019 (FY18) Recipients

Large Chapter - Tennessee Chapter of HIMSS

Medium Chapter - Houston Chapter of HIMSS

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The Chapter of the Year Award recognizes chapters who have connected in a meaningful way with HIMSS members, health information and technology entities and initiatives in their geographic region.

Eligibility Requirements and Program Overview

To qualify for this award, nominated chapters must:

  • be a chapter in good standing and
  • submitted their Annual Standards Report by July 31.

The goal of this award is to highlight chapters that have gone above and beyond in the hard work of meaningful impact within their geographical region, regardless of that chapter’s geographic location, distance from a major metropolitan area, total number of members, or board size.  If your chapter has won this award (any category: small, medium, large) in the previous three (3) years, your submission for a nomination will not be eligible for the chapter of the year award.
Each Chapter that meets the above requirements will be eligible for consideration to receive the award.


The Chapter Awards program is managed by the HIMSS Chapter Relations team and the Chapters Task Force. Please email chapters@himss.org with any questions.

Form Evaluation

The HIMSS Operations Staff liaison will review the nomination forms to verify point values and criteria for eligibility. The nominations will then be provided to the Chapter Task Force to select the winner of the small, medium and large chapter category. HIMSS staff will forward Task Force recommendation to the HIMSS Board of Directors for final review and approval.

Points will be tabulated to each nominated chapter, based on criteria and weights used in the evaluation of the nomination form. The award winners are the chapters with the highest total scores in each of the three categories of small, medium and large.

The Chapter of the Year Awards consists of:

  • Symbol of recognition
  • Recognition in HIMSS publications

Past Recipients
2018 Large Chapter - Dallas Ft. Worth
2018 Medium Chapter - Indiana
2018 Small Chapter - Louisiana
2017 Large Chapter - Southern California
2017 Medium Chapter - Central & Southern Ohio
2017 Small Chapter - Utah
2016 Large Chapter - Northern California
2016 Medium Chapter - Colorado
2016 Small Chapter - Austin
2015 Large Chapter - Southern California
2015 Medium Chapter - Arizona
2015 Small Chapter - Nebraska


For more information, contact chapters@himss.org.