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Keep up with international developments in digital health. Hear from experienced global thought leaders who are setting trends in some of the most digitally mature markets worldwide. Learn more about the transformation of health through information and technology in Asia, Oceania, the Middle East, Latin America, Europe and the United Kingdom.

HIMSS produces thought leadership, education, events, networking opportunities, market research and media services around the world. Tap into one of our regions or increase your knowledge in the field by discovering what colleagues from across the globe are accomplishing in healthcare.

HIMSS Communities

Regional or national communities tailored at digital health professionals from the public and private sectors.

Gatherings at pan-European events and HIMSS Global Conference.

Community members come together to discuss trends, exchange ideas and find solutions.

Regions are able to discuss real local issues and also have the chance to interact with other Communities.

HIMSS Analytics

HIMSS Analytics moves healthcare forward through not only offering the standards by which organizations improve their technology investments and their effective use, but also in helping solution vendors understand their markets to improve their products and close more deals based on fact based data analysis.

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Hear about how effective adoption of new technology in healthcare often depends on the understanding that it is only part of what drives better patient care in Europe.

According to The Ministry of Health in The Netherlands, because regulation gives patients a deeper stake in their own data.

Learn how the UK health system is evolving in the age of technology.


Dutch bioprinting project could mean the end of arthritis
Researchers at University Medical Centre, Utrecht, in the Netherlands, are using bioinks containing stem cells to 3D-print living tissues, which can then be inserted into the body to provoke a damaged joint to heal itself.

Will consciousness someday be electromagnetically measured and altered?
Two Spanish health tech start-ups, both doing pioneering work to improve the lives of those with neurological and brain-related disorders, think it will be.

13 NHS Hospitals in the UK start using new tech from California-based company
California-based company HeartFlow's technology is being fast-tracked into NHS use through the Innovation and Technology Payment programme.


Connect with other healthcare professionals from across the globe who share common interests through our international events. Enjoy the valuable face-to-face time with high-level hospital stakeholders and Ministries of Health in a vast number of countries HIMSS engages with. Learn firsthand about leading innovation in healthcare from some of the most digitally mature countries in the world.

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Tap on HIMSS Analytics’ resources, benchmarks, predictive models and assessment tools to improve decision making regarding your health IT strategic roadmap and international market strategy.

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