HIMSS LTPAC Roundtable Perspectives - March

One of the topics discussed during the March LTPAC Roundtable meeting titled Critical Analysis of Care Coordination in Different LTPAC Settings was the HIMSS Analytics Continuity of Care Maturity Model (CCMM). After the presentation, attendees were afforded the opportunity to provide feedback to one of the features of the model. More specifically, attendees were asked the following question.

Which of the three different CCMM stakeholders (Administrators; Technical Leaders; Clinical Leaders) best understands the needs of LTPAC providers in a care coordination effort?

Based on the responses of 30 individuals, almost 2/3rds selected “Clinical Leaders” (63%). These findings suggest those responsible for care coordination efforts would be well-served to ensure Clinical Leaders are involved in any discussions involving care coordination and LTPAC providers.

Chart 1: The CCMM stakeholder group best understanding the needs of LTPAC providers in care coordination efforts: