HIMSS LTPAC Roundtable Perspectives – September

The September LTPAC Roundtable titled Engaging LTPAC Providers in Hospital Care Coordination Efforts: The Why and How discussed the importance of hospital and LTPAC engagement in care coordination efforts. At the end of the meeting, attendees were asked to provide their opinions on the following questions. Responses could range from 1 (not prepared at all) to 5 (very prepared).

How prepared do you believe hospitals are in their ability to engage with LTPAC providers in a care coordination effort?

How prepared do you believe LTPAC providers are in their ability to engage with hospitals in a care coordination effort?  

Though the findings are NOT scientific NOR statistically reliable, the feedback does provide an interesting perspective for this community to discuss.

In brief:

  • Respondents were generally more POSITIVE about the preparedness of LTPAC providers (2.92) compared to hospital providers (2.62).

  • Respondents generally had a “low view” of the preparedness of hospitals and LTPAC providers to engage in a care coordination effort as evidenced by the average score for both provider groups rating less than 3.00 (Neutral).

Chart 1: Average score by provider type

  • Respondents are divided in their evaluation of providers and care coordination efforts as few offered NEUTRAL evaluations

Chart 2: Distribution of responses by provider type


For more information about the HIMSS LTPAC Roundtable including upcoming webinars and particpation details, visit the HIMSS LTPAC Roundtable webpage.