HIMSS Veterans Career Services

HIMSS is committed to assisting our veteran population gain knowledge regarding professional development and employment opportunities within the health information and technology industry. The goal of HIMSS Veterans Career Services is to welcome and provide infomration to transitioning military veterans for the health information and technology field - a growing and promising area for technologically-adept veterans.  

Health information and technology is a critical foundation for making high-quality, safe and affordable healthcare available to all Americans. Health information and technology can, among other things, help healthcare providers detect health concerns early, avoid medical errors, lower the cost of care, and reach patients in very remote areas of the country using telemedicine. Today’s economic realities make this occupation vital to providing improved health services to communities and to support a new and emerging health information and technology marketplace.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) projects that employment in health information and technology occupations will increase by 15 percent from 2014 to 2024, much faster than the average for all occupations.  As U.S. troops return home and/or transition to the civilian workforce, the potential for a successful match between growing numbers of tech-savvy veterans and the burgeoning health information and technology industry sector is compelling.

The Voice of the Veteran

View blogs focused on the Veteran experience regarding health information and technology.


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vMentor (Veteran Mentor Program)

HIMSS vMentors are military veterans and health information and technology professionals with years of career experience. These industry leaders are here to guide transitioning veterans by answering questions, providing advice and sharing valuable insights and experiences.

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Veteran Career Services Webinars

The Veterans Career Services Webinar Series will focus on topics geared for veterans and transitioning service members interested in careers in health information technology. Sessions will typically run 45-60 minutes. Interested in presenting? Please contact Mara Daiker, Director, Professional Development.

Please check back for more information on upcoming webinars!


HIMSS VCS, Helping Veterans find a Career in Healthcare Information Technology

This podcast from Healthcare Tech Talk provides an overview of the HIMSS Veterans Career Services Initiative and its efforts to help veterans transition from military service to gainful civilian employment in the progressive and growing field of healthcare information technology.

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