How Journey Mapping can Inform Design Decisions

In the healthcare domain, clinicians and patients take a journey together - a journey that often begins with crisis or uncertainty, followed by a carefully orchestrated process of testing, treating, and monitoring, all with the goal of improved or maintained wellness. Along the way there are highs and lows, transitions of state, touchpoints with many other people, systems, and places, and many other aspects to consider.  When creating products to support these clinical workflows, we need to have a very good grasp of this entire journey. Journey maps are an excellent tool to help you collect and synthesize data about this journey, in order to find insights and opportunities.

In this presentation, Anneliis and Barb address many questions, including:

  • When can a journey map help?
  • What goes into a journey map?
  • Where do I get that information?
  • How do I put it all together?
  • Okay, where's this 'insight you' were talking about?
  • That looks fancy, what if I'm not an artist/designer...?

You don't need to know how to draw pretty pictures (or even straight lines for that matter) to create an effective journey map. We'll break down the process of mapping, offer some rules and process to guide you, and you'll be amazed with the sort of insights you'll be able to bring to your design decisions.

journey mapping, clinical workflows, UX