Identify and Specify Technology - Technology Identification Requirements

Healthcare providers need a strategy for selecting and implementing the appropriate health IT that go beyond just "checking the box" of Meaningful Use Patient Engagement requirements, ( and instead leverage the power of technology to build a solid foundation for achieving longer-term patient engagement goals. Requirements must be defined. A requirements document should be developed that will state that the software must handle error states reasonably and effectively and provide explicit feedback to the users.


Patient engagement technology could include:

  • Comprehensive patient records

    • Patient portals

    • Medical device solutions/information

  • HIE platforms/solutions beyond Meaningful Use

    • To successfully engage patients in their care, care delivery must be tightly aligned across physicians, payers, laboratories, pharmacies and others who support any given patient. Each member of the broader care team must be able to share relevant, accurate patient information with the others in a timely manner. HIEs can contribute with potential solutions.

  • Mobile app solutions

  • Secure messaging

    • Secure email

    • Texting

  • Identity management solutions

  • Effective care management solutions

  • Patient education solutions

    • For patients who have moderate-to-low levels of disease severity, there is an ongoing need to improve the patient's compliance, education and understanding of how to maintain wellness. These individuals are not typically enrolled in a high-intensity care management program, yet they need to remain activated and engaged to prevent escalations of their conditions. Emerging patient education tools and solutions aim to provide ongoing educational and motivational support in an electronic format. For an organization with value-based contracts, these tools provide a low-cost, highly effective way to help patients self-manage and control their conditions—and recognize any signs of deterioration. These technology solutions can also identify new opportunities for patients not enrolled in other programs

    • For patients who have high levels of disease severity, there is an urgent need to improve the patient's compliance, education. This can include working with care managers.  

  • Financial health solutions (cost transparency, copay management, etc.)


Organizations need to review their needs assessment results  to see if health technologies can be adopted to meet their requirements based upon the needs assessment findings.