Identify User Experience Concerns and Create a Strategy

Strive to make user experience best practices part of organizational strategy to realize improved patient safety.

  • Identify an organizational standard for usability & user experience (clinician, patient, etc.)

  • Allocate resources for usability testing and engage clinicians in testing to promote clinical buy-in.

  • Analyze system environment to identify significant usability and user experience issues related to patient safety such as alert and alarm fatigue, BCMA/workflow issues, and other usability/user experience issues.

    • Implement a corrective action policy.

  • Evaluate your organization’s user experience issues to allow for collaboration with other organizations and vendors towards improvement/resolution of the usability/user experience issues found to affect patient safety

  • Infuse a focus on patient safety through all workflows.

    • Employ appropriate use of red rules (or hard stops).

    • Analyze clinical protocols to suggest pathway.

  • Confirm with appropriate stakeholders that user experience is addressed in the purchasing process in relation to patient safety.