Infosys - Converting Social Avatars to Healthcare Members

Health plans will face many challenges from the arrival of Health Exchanges, one of which is to transition information/ transaction-based functionalities to a holistic, user experience driven perspective. Conventional thinking says that it is the Gen X and Y populations who are tuned into the digital universe.  However, data show that an increasing number of older people, seniors included, are using smart phones, tablets and even social media quite routinely.  Health plans need to recognize this trend and take avantage of it. Consumer acquisition is another challenge. Consumer engagement in the digital world has evolved rapidly and markedly and the trend is likely to continue.  This will change the way health plans do business in the future. 

Read an Excerpt: 

Health Insurance Exchanges, along with other provisions of the Affordable Care Act will bring approximately 30 million uninsured Americans under health insurance coverage to "consumerize" a business that has largely been focused on the group segment. In the fight for consumers, health plans will face several challenges, not leaser of which is the alignment of consumer acquisition strategies to the expectations of an increasingly tech-savvy audience who are taking to smartphones, tablets and social media.  This shift in strategy will in turn impact health plans' technology systems by transitional current functionalities - which are largely information and transaction-based - to a more holistic and experience-centric orientation. 

The reason is both simple and forceful. 

Consumers' expectations from healthcare are colored by their consumption experience in other areas, like retail shopping, banking or telecommunication.  Hence consumers are starting to shop around for healthcare products; they’re researching online, seeking peer group opinion and tracking patients' experiences before arriving at a decision.

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