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IIP Testing and Recognition Program

The IIP Testing and Recognition Program gives EHR developers the opportunity to demonstrate and raise awareness of their software products’ inclusion of high-priority immunization capabilities developed through a consensus process involving experts and leaders representing clinicians, EHR developers and IISs. Undergoing testing and recognition is free.

The IIP Testing and Recognition program has been approved by the Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology (ONC) as an alternative testing method for (f)(1) certification criteria within the ONC Health IT Certification Program.

Seven EHR products have received IIP recognition under the program.

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Benefits of Testing and Recognition

Organizations that have fulfilled the IIP testing requirements, as identified in the program’s test plan and capabilities guidance, qualify for recognition in related IIP materials, on the HIMSS website, and through media and social media.

Year-Round Exposure: IIP Seal of Recognition

  • Seal of recognition to add to your website and other marketing materials
  • Prominent logo visibility on IIP website, with hyperlink to your homepage 
  • HIMSS Global Health Conference & Exhibition: signage within your exhibition booth, demonstrating that you are IIP-recognized

Learn more about the specific immunization-related capabilities that will be tested, and apply for testing.

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Software Capabilities and Testing Tools

About the Workflows and Capabilities

The IIP Testing and Recognition Program is organized around eight clinical user workflows, which together constitute the end-to-end workflow for providing immunizations to patients.

Providing the right immunizations to patients at the right time requires actions by people and information sharing among clinical and public health systems. Some tasks are performed exclusively by people, such as immunization providers; other tasks incorporate EHRs and/or other clinical software. The following diagram shows the end-to-end workflow for actions performed by providers and IISs to provide immunizations to patients.

Details about each of the immunization-related capabilities, including an overview, example, guidance and references to both test scripts and data elements, can be accessed through each section.

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Test Plan

This section reviews the functional evaluation conducted for each of the requirements. EHR developers should consider the tests as methods to evaluate their own products’ ability to meet the requirements. Clinical providers may use this information to help evaluate differences among clinical software products and to identify topics they should discuss with their EHR vendors.

Software developers who wish to test their software against the test plans should contact

A crosswalk of individual immunization-related capabilities is included with the capabilities and guidance, in which they are tested within each of the two test plans, if applicable.

Download The Immunization Related Requirement Test Plan

In order for an EHR or other clinical software product to receive IIP recognition it must demonstrate all of the core immunization-related capabilities, as well as 90% of optional advanced capabilities.

The Overview of IIP Testing Requirements Overview of IIP Testing Requirements document describes required and optional capabilities and test steps. EHR developers have the flexibility of selecting which set of optional capabilities/test steps they implement as long as they implement 90% of the optional advanced capabilities.

Please note that as the IIP continues to mature, additional capabilities may be added, with the goal of continuing to improve the robustness of the IIP. New capabilities/test requirements are initially optional and moved into the required set of capabilities over time.

Download The Overview Of IIP Testing Requirements

Usability Guidance

To support usability outcomes related to the use of immunization-related functionality in EHRs and other clinical software, CNIADV developed three key outcomes:

  • User-Centered Design Primer, which offers guidance on how to conduct a user-centered design (UCD) process in order to improve usability outcomes related to the use of immunization functionality in EHRs and other clinical software.
  • User-Centered Model Documentation, which includes immunization-related content and user interface designs from business workflow requirements to enable the creation of functional prototypes through the use of the UCD model documentation. It also includes discussion on the use of the UCD model to explore immunization-related forecasting and data quality.
  • User-Centered Design Process, a description of use of the UCD model to explore immunization-related reconciliation and inventory management.

CHC, HIMSS and Drummond Group seek user input from both users (clinicians and other immunization providers), as well as software developers on these usability tools.

Provide Feedback

Thank you for taking time to provide your feedback on the IIP’s testing capabilities. Please follow the instructions below to download and complete the survey.

  1. Download the survey (via Microsoft Excel).
  2. Click on the worksheet titled Current Capabilities in Test, and review the current capabilities.
  3. Click on the worksheet titled Comment Template.
    • Be sure to follow the Comment Template Instructions located in cell F1.
    • Where applicable, using the drop-down functionality and insert your comment on each Workflow (8 total) listed within column A.
    • Make any suggestions on capabilities to the “Testing Suggestions” column, including capabilities not currently included.
    • For Capability Scope:
      “Too broad” = The scope of the capability should be narrowed. Explain how in the “Capability  Scope Comments” column.
      “Too narrow” = The scope of the capability should be expanded. Explain how in the “Capability Scope Comments” column.
    • For “Other Applicable Standards,” state any standards that should be taken into account that were not addressed in the capabilities.
  4. Save the workbook with your comments.
  5. Email the saved workbook to

Download The Survey


IIP Technical Advisory Panel

The IIP Technical Advisory Panel (TAP) plays a key role in supporting and guiding the IIP Testing and Recognition Program. The TAP is comprised of experts and leaders from organizations representing clinicians, EHR developers, IISs, and other key stakeholders.

Brandy Altstadter
Director of Operations
Scientific Technologies Corporation

Cheryl Lee Eberting, MD
Founder & CEO

Kristin Glaza

Shaun Grannis, MD
Associate Director, Center for Biomedical Informatics
Regenstrief Institute

Donald Hackett
Precision Vaccines-Consumer Registry

Susan Kressly, MD
Kressly Pediatrics

Eric Larson
Sr. Technical Project Manager
American Immunization Registry Association (AIRA)

Donna Mazyck, RN
Executive Director
National Association of School Nurses

Jenne McKibben
Director, Alert IIS
Oregon Immunization Program

Jennifer Russo, RN
Quality Coordinator
Barnabas Health

Ron Shapiro

Stuart Weinberg, MD
Vanderbilt University