Integrating Faxing with Your EMR System

When you choose an EMR/EHR for your physician group or hospital system, you make a choice to move away from paper records. However, you still need to deliver protected health information (PHI) as part of ordering tests or referring patients – and other health providers need to share PHI with you. You may still have paper records that remain part of the overall patient record for some time. But how can you deliver both electronic and paper records in an efficient and secure manner?
The answer is fax – but with a twist. Software-based fax solutions can integrate with EMR/EHR systems and multi-function printers to provide sharing of both electronic and paper records. This webinar will focus on how enabling faxing from within EMR/EHR systems can improve productivity, security and HIPAA compliance.

During this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • How fax software and services can be integrated into an EMR system
  • The advantages of having fax integrated to an EMR system
  • Ways to integrate faxing with an EMR