Interoperability Toolkit

HIMSS gives you the tools your organization needs to understand and apply interoperability and the standards driving efforts to improved information exchange.

In the toolkit, you will find policy, practices and principles to help build interoperable systems, information on how to implement and adopt health information standards, and opportunities either to test standard profiles and certify your solutions as interoperable or to find which products/devices have demonstrated the capabilities of successfully exchanging health information.

This Toolkit will also help you better navigate through the various standards, implementation specifications and standards development organizations (SDOs) and guide you to the tools and resources needed to deploy interoperable healthcare information and technology systems. It is intended to highlight the thought leadership of volunteers working together to analyze the foundations of health information and technology interoperability. Check out some categories below to get started:

Interoperability 101

Interoperability describes the extent to which systems and devices can exchange data and interpret that shared data. Explore basic information about interoperability and the players, concepts and systems that are involved in the health interoperability ecosystem. 

Standards 101

In healthcare information and technology, standards provide a common language and set of expectations that enable interoperability between systems and/or devices. These resources will provide high-level overviews of standards in health information and technology and provide additional resources for more details on the development, implementation and use of standards. 

Our team has combined some frequently asked questions (FAQs) and answers provide a high-level summary on the concept and use of standards in health IT. Learn the difference between a standard and an implementation guide, the organizations behind the creation of standards and their role in achieving interoperability.

Adoption & Implementation

Numerous stakeholders, including HIMSS, are working to drive adoption of interoperable systems to aid in the exchange and use of electronic health information. Explore calls for action to drive nationwide interoperability forward and learn from use cases, or scenarios, in which information exchange is occurring.

To learn more about HIMSS Interoperability, Standards and Health Information Exchange activities, please contact us.