James F. Holsinger, MD, PC - Davies Ambulatory Award

Keokuk is located on the Mississippi River in southeast Iowa, bordering Illinois and Missouri. The practice serves a rural community of about 20,000 people. Approximately 70% of our patients are residents of Iowa and the other 30% are Illinois and Missouri residents.

More than 60% of our active patients are over the age of 50 which is typical of Middle America family medicine practices that do not offer obstetric services.

Case Study

An Electronic Health Record system (EHR) was paramount to meeting the objectives and the vision of our business. We needed an EHR to be a low-cost operator. Reimbursement rates would not sustain the business if we used a traditional approach to a solo medical practice.

State-of-the art required the use of the most currently available technology which, by definition, was an EHR solution. Delivering the highest level of quality in patient care could not be accomplished with a paper charting system. Our vision could not be achieved without an EHR as the foundation of our medical practice.

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