Jeremy L. Bradley, MD, FAAFP - Davies Ambulatory Award

Bradley LogoDr. Bradley's Family Practice clinic is located in Owensboro, Kentucky. The business opened its doors in April 2000. Owensboro is a federally-designated primary care physcian shortage location. The clinic currently employs a board certified nurse practioner, Mr. Brian Payne. The office accepts most insurance carriers.

The office provides annual wellness exams for both children and adults along with chronic disease management, acute care services, radiology services, in house laboratory, EKGs, stress testing, PFTs, joint injections, DOT physicials, and multiple minor surgery procedures to more than 9000 active patients.

Being from this rural area, Dr. Bradley is committed to delivering high quality, efficent, and affordable healthcare services to this community. This office utilizes Electronic Health Records to better serve its clients.

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Return on Investment

The implementation of Praxis EMR in our clinic has yielded an outstanding return on investment, both in terms of concrete financial gains and in unprecedented quality of care.

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Clinical Value

The key to our patient-centered focused and to our subsequent increase in clinical value has been the development and expansion of practice advisories within our EHR.

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Population Management

The implementation of electronic health records has made our practice a state and national leader in population management.

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Disaster Planning & Preparation

Under our new disaster recovery plan, we can fully retore our system in a matter of hours rather than days.

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