JHIM Volume 17, Number 4: Return on Investment

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Volume 17, Number 4: Fall 2003

Table of Contents

Focus: Return on Investment

EDITOR'S INTRODUCTION: ROI and IT: Strategic Alignment and Selection Objectivity
Richard D. Lang, EdD

THE H.I.T. FUTURIST: Return on Investment: Going Beyond Traditional Analysis
Jeffrey C. Bauer, PhD

LEADERSHIP: In Search of the ROI from CPOE
Rick Krohn, MA, MAS

LEGAL: Creating a Healthy Relationship with Your (Next) IT Vendor
Diana J.P. McKenzie and Alexandra N. Collins

GOVERNMENT/REGULATION: At Least 44,000 Patient Deaths This Year: How Do You Measure ROI?
Dave Roberts, MPA, FHIMSS; Joyce Sensmeier MS,RN, BC, CPHIMS; and Pat Wise, RN, MA, MSN

THE PHYSICIAN PERSPECTIVE: Life After Go-Live, Part 4: Preventing Error with an EMR
Eric Rose, MD

INDUSTRY LEADERS: An Interview with Pam Arlotto, Healthcare IT Strategist

Focus: Return on Investment

Finding Value from IT Investments: Exploring the Elusive ROI in Healthcare
Lynn H. Vogel, PhD

Who's Counting Now? ROI for Patient Safety IT Initiatives
Lucy Mancini Newell, MBA, and Doug Christensen, RN

Clinical ROI: Not Just Costs Versus Benefits
Barry P. Chaiken, MD, MPH

The New England Healthcare EDI Network
John P. Glaser, PhD, Greg DeBor, and Laurance Stuntz


Analyzing Computer-based Patient Records: A Review of Literature
Tricia L. Erstad, MSN, RN

Advancing the State of Data Integration in Healthcare
Joyce Sensmeier MS, RN, BC, CPHIMS

Health Integration Cost Cutting
James Donlon

Antecedents to the Adoption of ASPs in the Healthcare Industry
Ebrahim Randeree, MBA, Susan P. Judd, MSHA, MBA, Rajiv Kishore, PhD, H. Raghav Rao, PhD

Electronic Prescribing: Ready for Prime Time?
Helene Levens Lipton, PhD, Robert H. Miller, PhD, and Julian J.Wimbush, ScB