JHIM Volume 14, Number 3

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Volume 14, Number 3: Summer 2000

Table of Contents

EDITOR'S INTRODUCTION: Beyond Year 2000: Innovative Solutions for the Evolving Healthcare Information Management Environment
Lucy Mancini Newell, MBA

Managing Clinical Research Information: A Case Study in Information Access, Presentation, and Analysis
Raza Hashim, PhD; Thomas L. Lewis, MD; Stephen J. Rosenfeld, MD

Development of a Web-Based Multifacility Healthcare Surveillance Information System
James C. Benneyan, PhD; Devin Satz; Steven H. Flowers, MS, FACME

Case Study: Physicians Develop Results Viewer Amid Y2K Commotion
Janice A. Wurz, Jonathan L. Manis, MIS, MBA

Partners Community HealthCare Extranet (PCHInet): A Business Plan
Cynthia L. Bero, MPH; John Glaser, PhD; Jennifer Franklin

Information System Issues Facing Clinical Laboratories Serving Complex Integrated Delivery Systems
Walter H. Henricks, MD

PACS and RIS: Approaches to Integration
Nogah Haramati, MD

Evergreen Staff: Building a Tree of Knowledge for Continuous Learning
Gerard M. Nussbaum, CPA, CMA, RCDD; Star P. Ault, MS, MBA

Crafting a New Vision for Compliance
Pam Matthews, RN, MBA, FHIMSS

Essential Characteristics of an Electronic Prescription Writer
Robert Keet, MD, FACP