JHIM Volume 15, Number 2

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Volume 15, Number 2: Summer 2001

Table of Contents

Edward M. Russo


Implementing a Data Warehouse at Inglis Innovative Services
Christopher Breen, Luis M. Rodrigues

Data Warehousing in Disease Management Programs
Denise C. Ramick

Life Cycle of a Data Warehousing Project in Healthcare
Ravi Verma, Jeannette Harper

Toward Best Practice: Leveraging the Electronic Patient Record as a Clinical Data Warehouse
Craig S. Ledbetter, RN, BSIS; Matthew W. Morgan, MD, FRCPC, MSc

Interactively Visualizing Data Warehouses
Yoshitaka Bito, MS; Robert Kero, MS; Hitoshi Matsuo, MS; Yoichi Shintani, PhD; Michael Silver, MD, FACP, FCCP, FCCM

A Data Mart for Operations Analysis
Mark W. Isken, PhD; Steven J. Littig; Mark West

Case Study: How to Apply Data Mining Techniques in a Healthcare Data Warehouse
Michael Silver, MD, FACP, FCCP, FCCM; Taiki Sakata; Hua-Ching Su, MS; Charles Herman; Steven B. Dolins, PhD; Michael J. O'Shea

Case Study: A Data Warehouse for an Academic Medical Center
Jonathan S. Einbinder, MD, MPH; Kenneth W. Scully, MS; Robert D. Pates, PhD; Jane R. Schubart, MBA, MS; Robert E. Reynolds, MD, DrPH

Successful Database Benchmarking: What Do We Need?
Richard B. Backiel II, BS

Challenges Faced by E-Healthcare Comparative Data Warehouses
Vincent Dols, MBA