JHIM Volume 16, Number 2: HIPAA

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Volume 16, Number 2: Spring 2002

Table of Contents

Focus: HIPAA

EDITOR'S INTRODUCTION: Creating a Potemkin Village: HIPAA 'Quick Fix' Is Just an Illusion
Richard D. Lang, EdD

Dave Garets and Wes Rishel

HIPAA: Mobilizing the Right Resources to Achieve HIPAA Compliance
Marilyn Wilson

HIPAA: Managing Web Access Through Delegated Administration
Jennifer Covich

TELEMEDICINE: Insights on Telemedicine: How Big Is the Market?
Jeffrey C. Bauer, PhD

LEADERSHIP: Healthcare IT and Value with a HIPAA Twist
John P. Glaser, PhD, FHIMSS

TECHNOLOGY AND STANDARDS: HIPAA Compliance:A Technology Perspective
Richard Krohn

IHE: Expanding Beyond Radiology
Paul Vegoda, FHIMSS

Focus: HIPAA

Planning and Implementing HIPAA Compliance Activities
Peter Lee and Mary Staley

HIPAA Readiness Collaborative in Hawaii
Marva Chun, Susan Forbes, DrPH, Steven Gose, Brenda Kumabe, Jeffrey Loo, Lorraine Nichols, Luis Rosa, Laura Sherrill, and Jim Turner

A Review of CHIN Initiatives: What Works and Why
Brian Noss and Richard J. Zall

Comparing HIPAA Practices in Two Multi-Hospital Systems
Roy Rada, MD, PhD, Chuck Klawans, and Tom Newton

Benchmarking HIPAA Compliance
James R. Wagner, MS, FCHIME, FHIMSS, Deborah J. Thoman, MA, RHIA, Karthikeyan Anumalasetty, Pat Hardre, and Tsvetomir Ross-Lazarov


Real-Time Management of IT
Bernie Minard, FACHE, FHIMSS

Managing Non-Technical Factors in Healthcare IT Projects
David A. Rosenthal, MPA

IT Investment Planning: The Best Hospitals
Steven A. Morris, PhD, Jeff Clark, PhD, Judy Holmes, PhD, Carol Clark, PhD, and Stanley Gambill, PhD

Gaining MD Buy-In: Physician Order Entry
Alison L. Ferren, MBA

Computer Games May Be Good For Your Health
Barry G. Silverman, PhD, John Holmes, PhD, Stephen Kimmel, MD, MS, Charles Branas, PhD