JHIM Volume 16, Number 4: Clinical Decision Support

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Volume 16, Number 4: Fall 2002

Table of Contents

Focus: Clinical Decision Support

Richard D. Lang, EdD

Ask MR. H.I.T.man!
Dave Garets and Wes Rishel

HIPAA: Risk Assessment and Serendipitous Effects of HIPAA
Margret Amatayakul, RHIA, FHIMSS

LEADERSHIP: Governance of Information Technology: Avoiding the Tragedy of the Commons
Bob Brown

The CIO as Business Futurist
Donald F. Friel

CLINICAL INFORMATICS: Digital Alchemy: Turning Information into Knowledge
Jeffrey C. Bauer, PhD

Healthcare Analytics: Standing on the Brink of a Revolution
Dale Sanders

TECHNOLOGY AND STANDARDS: HL7 Version 3.0: A Preview for CIOs, Managers, and Programmers
Mark Kurtz

Paul Vegoda, FHIMSS

INDUSTRY LEADERS: An Interview with Frank Lavelle, President and CEO of Siemens

Focus: Clinical Decision Support

A Shotgun Wedding: Business Decision Support Meets Clinical Decision Support
Jason Oliveira, MBA

Ethical and Legal Issues in the Use of Clinical Decision Support Systems
Eta S. Berner, EdD

Medical Decision Support Using the Analytic Hierarchy Process
Elliot B. Sloane, PhD, Matthew J. Liberatore, PhD, and Robert L. Nydick, PhD

Preventing Exacerbation of an ADE with Automated Decision Support
William L. Galanter, MD, PhD, Robert J. DiDomenico, PharmD, and Audrius Polikaitis, PhD

The Next Generation of Clinical Decision Support: Linking Evidence to Best Practice
Robert Wu, MD, William Peters, MD, Matthew W. Morgan, MD, MSc


Information Requirements of Genomics Researchers from the Patient Clinical Record
James H. Ford II, MSIE, FHIMSS, FACHE, Alexis Turner, MLIS, and Adriana Yoshii, MLIS

Protecting Patient Privacy in Clinical Data Mining
Linda K. Goodwin, RN, C, PhD, and Jonathan C. Prather, PhD

How Shall We Meet Online? Choosing Between Videoconferencing and Online Meetings
Roger Kropf, PhD

Patient Internet Services: Creating the Value-Added Paradigm
Todd Molfenter, MHA, Pauley Johnson, PhD, David H. Gustafson, PhD, Kathy DeVries, and Dharmaraj Veeramani, PhD