JHIM Volume 18, Number 2: HIPAA

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Volume 18, Number 2: Spring 2004

Table of Contents

Focus: HIPAA

EDITOR'S INTRODUCTION HIPAA: Challenges and Opportunities
Rick Lang, EdD

THE H.I.T. FUTURIST: HIPAA: A Paradigm Shift in the Politics of Healthcare
Jeffrey C. Bauer, PhD

LEADERSHIP: HIPAA: Reviewing the Game Films
Alton Brantley, MD, PhD

TECHNOLOGY: Information Security Strategies for Healthcare: Part I
Noam H. Arzt, PhD

LEGAL PERSPECTIVE To Use, or Can I Use? Now That is the Question!
Karen J. O'Connor, FHIMSS

TECHNOLOGY: Data Analytics: Throughout the Healthcare Enterprise
Rick Krohn, MA, MAS

Jonathan M. Sternlieb, MD, FACG

Focus: HIPAA

Single Logon: Balancing Security and Healthcare Productivity
Margaret (Peggy) J. Sapp and Terrence (Terry) L. Behrens

How the University of Michigan Health System Finds Opportunity in HIPAA
Colleen Ebel

Privacy: After the Compliance Date
Debbie Mikels

HIPAA: The Critical Role of Identity and Access Management
Justin Stanton, MCSE, CCNA

HIPAA Implementation: Measuring Change and Quality Improvement
Joan M. Kiel, PhD, CHPS

Maximizing the Return on Investments in Information Technology by Incorporating Best Practices
Claude Younger, CISSP, MCSE


HCA Inc.: Standardization in Action
Marion J. Ball, EdD, FHIMSS, FCHIME; Nhora Cortes-Comerer, BA; Melinda Costin, MA; Krysia Hudson, RN, MS; and Bill Augustine

The Evolution and Implementation of a Pediatric Computerized Order Entry System: A Case Study
Cathleen Glynn, RN; Ronald E. Kleinman, MD; Sandra Smith; and Catherine Tronni, RN,C, MBA, CPHIMS