JHIM Volume 20, Number 2: Nursing Informatics

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Volume 20, Number 2: Spring 2006

Table of Contents

Focus: Nursing Informatics

EDITOR'S INTRODUCTION: Nursing and IT: An Encumbered Strategic Resource
Richard D. Lang, EdD

THE H.I.T. FUTURIST: New Dynamics of Payment for Care: Consumer: Plans are Coming
Jeffrey C. Bauer, PhD

TECHNOLOGY: The New Alphabet Soup: Models of Data Integration, Part 2
Noam H. Arzt, PhD

PHYSICIAN'S PERSPECTIVE: Early Experiences with E-prescribing
John Halamka, MD

MANAGEMENT ENGINEERING: Marketing 101-A Refresher for Management Engineers
Brian J. Compas, FHIMSS

NURSING INFORMATICS: Progress and Challenges in Nursing Documentation, Part I
Brian Gugerty, DNS, MS, RN

TECHNOLOGY: How Healthcare IT Can Address the Nursing Shortage
Rick Krohn

LEGAL PERSPECTIVE: Virtual House Calls-Legal Challenges to Remote Caregiving
Sharon R. Klein, Esq.

LEADERSHIP: Transforming IT-Governing for Value Realization
Pam Arlotto

Focus: Nursing Informatics

Case Study: Factors in Defining the Nurse Informatics Specialist Role
Margaret (Mimi) Hassett, MS, RN, FHIMSS

Surveying Acute Care Providers in the U.S. to Explore the Impact of HIT on the Role of Nurses and Interdisciplinary Communication in Acute Care Settings
Patricia Dykes, RN, DNSc; Margaret Cashen; Melissa Foster, MSN, RN, FHIMSS, CPHIMS; Joan Gallagher, RN; Mary Kennedy, RN, MS; Ruth MacCallum, RN, BS; Judy Murphy, RN, BSN, FACMI; Ruth Schleyer, MSN, RN BC, CPHIMS; and Sue Whetstone

Effects of Implementing Computerized Practitioner Order Entry and Nursing Documentation on Nursing Workflow in an Emergency Department
Gerald A. Banet, MSN, MPH; Donna B. Jeffe, PhD; Jennifer A. Williams, MSN, RN, BC, MS CNS, CEN, CCRN; and Phillip V. Asaro, MD

Nursing Admissions Process Redesigned to Leverage EHR
Jennifer Guite, RN, MS; Mary Lang, RN, MS; Patrick McCartan RN, MSN, BC; and Joe Miller, FHIMSS

Maintaining Excellence in Physician Nurse Communication with CPOE: A Nursing Informatics Team Approach
Mary J. Wright, RN, MN, BC; Keith Frey, MD, MBA; Jeffery Scherer, MBA; and Debra Hilton, RN


Banking on Health: Personal Records and Information Exchange
Marion J. Ball, EdD, FHIMSS, CHIME; and Jonathan Gold, MD, MHA

Using an Evidence-based Approach for System Selection at a Large Academic Medical Center: Lessons Learned in Selecting an Ambulatory EMR at Mount Sinai Hospital
Joseph Kannry, MD; Sonia Mukani, MD; and Kristin Myers

Enhancing Operational Workflow and Patient Tracking in an Ambulatory Setting
Greg Pauly, MHA; Keith Jennings, MBA; and James D. Murray

Compliance of HIPAA Security Standards in U.S. Hospitals
Diane Davis, PhD; and Karen Having, MEd, RT(R), RDMS

How Automated Access Verification Can Help Organizations Demonstrate HIPAA Compliance: A Case Study
Linda Hill

Saving Time, Improving Satisfaction: The Impact of a Digital Radiology System on Physician Workflow and System Efficiency
Malathi Srinivasan, MD; Eric Liederman, MD, MPH; Noralyn Baluyot, MHA; and Robert Jacoby, MD