JHIM Volume 21, Number 1: Process Improvement / Project Management

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Volume 21, Number 1: Winter 2007

Table of Contents

Focus: Process Improvement / Project Management


EDITOR'S INTRODUCTION: Project Leadership: Key Elements and Critical Success Factors for IT Project Managers
Richard D. Lang, EdD

HIT Futurist: Rewarding Improvement: Unintended Consequences of Pay-for-Performance
Jeffrey C. Bauer, PhD

Leadership: The Definitive Evolution of the Role of the CIO
John P. Glaser, PhD and Robert B. Williams, MD, MS

Nursing Informatics: Nursing at a Crossroads--Education, Research, Training and Informatics
Brian Gugerty DNS, MS, RN

Legal Perspective: Decoding the Maintenance and Support Agreement
Sharon R. Klein, Esq.

Technology: The Consumer Centric Personal Health Record--It's Time
Rick Krohn

Focus: Process Improvement/Project Management

Partnering with Clinical Providers to Enhance the Efficiency of an EMR
Matthew J. Puffer, MD; Jennifer A. Ferguson, MS; Brian C. Wright, BA; John Osborn, MSc; Amerett L. Anshus, MA; B. Pat Cahill, BS; Janine Kamath, MA, MBA; and Michael Ryan

IT Management and Governance Systems and Their Emergence in Healthcare
Gregg Mohrmann, MPA, PMP; and Roger Kropf, PhD

Business Process Optimization for RHIOs
Praveen Soti, MD, MBA, and Seema Pandey, PMP

Quality and Efficiency Successes Leveraging IT and New Processes
Barry P. Chaiken, MD, MPH, FHIMSS; Charles E. Christian, BS, FCHIME, FHIMSS; and Liz Johnson, RN, MSN, FHIMSS

Showing "What Right Looks Like": How to Improve Performance through a Paradigm Shift Around Implementation Thinking
Donna James; Steve Hess; Mark E. Stabile, JD, PMP; and Jacob E. Kretzing, Jr., MBA


A Review of Methods to Estimate the Benefits of Electronic Medical Records in Hospitals and the Need for a National Benefits Database
Douglas I. Thompson, MBA; Jerome A. Osheroff, MD; David C. Classen, MD, MS; and Dean F. Sittig, PhD

The Potential of HIEs as Infomediaries
Francois de Brantes; Douglas W. Emery, MS; J. Marc Overhage, MD, PhD; John Glaser, PhD; and Janet M. Marchibroda

Personal Health Records: Empowering Consumers
Marion J. Ball, Carla Smith, and Richard S. Bakalar

Implementation of an Obstetrics EMR Module: Overcoming User Dissatisfaction
Deborah Dagroso; Patricia D. Williams, MPA; James D. Chesney; Monica M. Lee, MD; Evan Theoharis, MD, and Robert N. Enberg, MD, MMM