JHIM Volume 29 (2015)

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Volume 29, Number 1: Winter 2015

Table of Contents

Focus: IT Infrastructure & Implications: Cloud computing, Security, Data

Security: ACOs & HIE-An Information Security Survey
Gerry Blass and Susan A. Miller, JD

Changing the Way We Change
Scott Coplan, PMP, CPHIMS, FHIMSS, and David Masuda, MD, MSc

Cloudy Days-Your Cloud Vendors' Disaster Recovery Obligations
Robert Doe, JD

Data Scientists - The Next Big Thing?

IT Infrastructure- Strap on Your Tool Belts
Jack Hueter

Telemedicine-What's Old is New Again
Rick Krohn, MA, MAS

IT Governance & Information Governance-How Are They Related?
Roger Kropf, PhD, and Guy Scalzi, MBA

Vintage Wine, New Bottles-'Innovation' in the State Innovation Model Grants
Karen Bell, MD, and Mark W. Stevens

Holistic Roadmap to the Cloud-How to Plan, Navigate and Arrive Safely and Securely
Jack S. Gelman

Point-of-Care Identity Security-Cryptographic Key System
Proposal for the Prevention of Medical Identity Theft Using Identity Secure Digital Transactions

Megan Blewett and Margaret Kilduff

Enabling the Next Generation of Health IT Innovation
Ken Bobis, PhD, and Keith Toussaint

A New Way of Collecting Data on Health Indicators
Felizitas Devine, RN, MS, MBA, CCM

A Preventable Adverse Drug Event from Inaccurate Patient Matching
Peter Pruitt, MD; Matthew McCarthy; Elizabeth Dorisca, MSM;
Adam Wright, PhD; David Seaver, RPh, JD; Karen Fiumara, PharmD;
and Adam Landman, MD, MIS, MS, MHS

Meaningful Use of IT to Transform Healthcare: What Differentiates Success from Failure?
Elizabeth A. Regan, PhD, and Jumee Wang, MPH, PhD candidate

Obstacles Limiting the Use of Personal Health Records by Consumers
Donna J. Sulhan

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Volume 29, Number 2: Spring 2015

Table of Contents

Focus: Impact of Business and Clinical Analytics

HIPAA: Business Intelligence and Big Data
Gerry Blass and Susan Miller, JD

Governance: Change Management
Roger Kropf, PhD, and Guy Scalzi, MBA

Mobile: mHealth-A Pathway to the Intelligent Hospital
Rick Krohn, MA, MAS

Healthcare Data Management-Complex, But Not Difficult
Jeff Gorball

Employing Lifestyle-Based Predictive Analytics to Optimize Clinical Networks and Improve Population Health
Grace Schutze; Nicholas Deaton; Sapna S. Shah; and Dan Housman

No Patient Engagement, No Chance for Adherence
Marion Ball; Sasha Ballen; Catalina Danis; Alexis Concordia; and Martha Jean (Marty) Minniti

A Natural Language Processing (NLP) Case Study: The Challenges and Opportunities with Large-Scale NLP of the Electronic Health Record
Fern FitzHenry; Harvey J. Murff; Michael E. Matheny; Dominik Aronsky; Nancy Gentry; Ruth Reeves; Elliot M. Fielstein; Vincent P. Messina; and Theodore Speroff

Revenue Cycle Secrets-Unlocking Remit Data to Boost Cash Collections
Adam Gobin

Configuration Management for a Healthcare System
Jon McKeeby, DSc; Joyce Yarington; Ryan Kennedy; Keith Adams; and Seth Carlson

The Influence of EHR Implementation on Hospital Readmissions Rates and Mortality Scores
Rajesh Mirani, PhD, and Anju Harpalani, PharmD, BCACP

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Volume 29, Number 3: Summer 2015

Table of Contents

IT Governance and Communication: A Formal Plan Is Needed for Success
Roger Kropf, PhD and Guy Scalzi, MBA

The Search for Excellent and Timely Healthcare Intelligence

Mobile Electronic Device Use to Record Information and Relationship to HCAHPS Scores
Michael J. McCoy, MD, FACOG; Jim Eggers, MA; and Randy Carden, EdD

Meaningful Use Audits: An Interprofessional Approach
Sarah R. Tupper, MS, RN-BC, LHIT, CPHIMS, Ryan Sandefer, MA, CPHIT, and Janelle Wapola, MA, RHIA

Embedding Enterprise Architecture into the Organization Developing Processes
Steve Bergstrom, Brad Snakenberg, Todd Myrick, John Kocher, Seth Carlson, James Pitts, Alex Gregg, and Jon McKeeby

A Unique Approach to Business Analytics: The Scottsdale Institute Health IT Benchmarking Program
David C. Classen, MD, MS; Jason D. Fortin; Shelli Williamson; and Gordon Rohweder

RE:fine NEISS: A Real-time Interaction Search System for Product-related Injuries Presented to U.S. Hospital Emergency Departments
Soheil Moosavinasab MS; Jeremy Patterson BFA; Krista K. Wheeler MS; Robert Strouse, MFA; Huiyun Xiang MD, MPH, PhD; Yungui Huang, PhD, MBA; and Simon M. Lin, MD, MBA

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JHIM Volume 29, Number 4: Fall 2015

Table of Contents

The Interoperability of Things
Noam H. Arzt, PhD, FHIMSS

HIPAA: The Top Ten Things Your Organization Should Be Doing to Pass an Audit and Reduce Risk of a Breach
Gerry Blass and Susan A. Miller, JD

Improving Continuity of Care in Long Term Care: Impact of Health Information Exchange
Rebecca Meehan, PhD

Improving Continuity of Care Through Interdisciplinary Plans of Care: A Patient-Centered Approach Ensures Better Outcomes
Romina Hipolito Elias, MSN, RN-BC, Clarissa Tojos, RN-BC

A General Framework for Managing Care Transitions
Michael Victoroff, MD, Henry L. Mayers, MCP, PMP, FHIMSS, and Antonio P. Linares, MD, FAAFP

Profile of the Digitization of Patient Medical Records in Dutch Hospitals
Rube van Poelgeest, Lorren Petit, Rob J. de Leeuw, and Guus Schrijvers

Fighting Information Blocking in the Emerging Learning Health System
Noam H. Arzt, PhD, FHIMSS

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