Keeping Up With the Times

The Online Journal of Nursing Informatics is in its 18th year – a commendable status that becomes even more meaningful when we consider that it is the longest running informatics journal in the world. The journal has been displayed a variety of ways, changing in sophistication and usability with each upgrade over time. Since HIMSS acquired ownership of the journal in 2014, the editorial staff and HIMSS management have met regularly to plan the transition of the journal to the HIMSS web site, and brainstorm ideas to improve the delivery of the journal.

One major initiative that will begin in July 2014 is the adoption of an online submission program. We have selected Submittable as our new submission platform to enhance the manuscript submission, review, and revision process. We will continue to apply our double-blind, peer review approach through careful setup of the submission platform.  This change will allow prospective authors to submit their manuscript directly into the workspace where managing editors and reviewers can access and review them. We anticipate this move will streamline the review process and facilitate communication between the OJNI tem and authors. We look forward to this change, and welcome your feedback on the new system once implemented.