Apex Data Solutions: Revolutionizing the Patient/Provider Experience at the Point of Care

One of healthcare’s major challenges is access to complete, comprehensive, and accurate patient data at the point of care. Converting that data into usable and valuable information to assist the provider in conducting a thorough, beneficial patient examination, and to inform prescriptive pathways for better healthcare, is another. These challenges stem from data being stored in multiple, disparate databases and other related systems-of-record. Data interoperability between disparate systems-of-record has been a challenge facing enterprise systems, and those that use them, for years.

A key objective at the point of care is to distill a patient’s record into the relevant patient story and to resolve knowledge gaps, both from other systems-of-record and through metrics gathered during each patient-provider encounter. Keeping this data in sync, real-time, between multi-user consuming applications and electronic health record platforms using HL7 FHIR® has proved elusive. As will be demonstrated, applications used during patient-provider encounters can now remain in sync, real-time, with VistA (and can be extended to other electronic health record platforms) in a manner that supports more active role for patients in their clinical encounters with care providers (whether in-person or via the web). This capability is extensible to other clinical systems without the traditionally associated high labor costs.