Avaya - GlobalMed, Avaya Scopia® Enable High-Definition Connection to Specialists

For videoconferencing, GlobalMed integrates Avaya Scopia® video technology to enable high-definition, face-to-face video interaction between a practitioner in the field
and a specialist at a primary site. GlobalMed chose Avaya from among a host of other video conferencing solutions based upon image quality and ease of use.

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FSUCares is an organization of medical students devoted to helping underserved and underprivileged populations both locally and internationally. The group delivers health services to those who would otherwise not have ready access to care, allowing students to experience an interactive, clinical learning environment.
Since 2002, a team of doctors and medical students from the FSUCares program has traveled to Panama on annual medical missions. The group identified a particular need in the community of Filipina, a town about two hours from Panama City.
“The entire community of Filipina would have to travel to another town to get healthcare once a month, or would have to travel to a medium-size city, which was very cost prohibitive,” said Mark Stavros, M.D., who coordinates the emergency medicine curriculum and training of third- and fourth-year medical students at the Pensacola Regional Medical School Campus. Stavros has traveled to Panama with FSUCares nine out of the last 11 years.
Until recently, Filipina lacked a health clinic of its own. FSUCares worked to establish a permanent clinic that is recognized, supported and staffed by the government.