Avaya - Leverages smart technologies to deliver advanced clinical care and a high-touch environment for patients

An Avaya Aura® communications platform is a critical element that helps smart technologies and human skills work together for outstanding patient care.

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Parkview considered several vendors of unified communications solutions for the new medical center and a smaller facility being built at approximately the same time. Potential vendors included Avaya, Cisco, ShoreTel, and Microsoft. Jones’ overall assessment of many RFPs he received was that the total cost of ownership was too high, proprietary technology would lock Parkview into a walled-off solution, and/or the solution didn’t incorporate mobile devices in a meaningful way.
However, according to Jones, Avaya provided all of the features that Parkview wanted. “We chose Avaya because the company strongly supports our vision that advanced mobile communications are key to providing outstanding health care and the best patient experience,” he states. “Avaya also met our other top criteria, which include a flexible and scalable open standards platform and the industry’s most meaningful commitment to SIP [Session Initiation Protocol], which we believe is the leading technology going forward.”
Jones adds, “In developing plans for the new Regional Medical Center facility, we had an excellent relationship with Avaya and our local Avaya Connect partner. They really listened to our ideas, and they were as excited as we were about realizing our vision for the new medical center.”