C-CDA Documents on FHIR®

C-CDA Documents on FHIR®:
Essential Information to Understand how C-CDA and FHIR® Work Together


This session provided a practical, easy-to-understand overview of the Consolidated Clinical Document Architecture (C-CDA) implementation guide within the context of the emerging HL7 standard called Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources, or FHIR®. It built upon a prior Roundtable focused on the technical aspects of C-CDA documents. (Participants are encouraged to review the previous roundtable because speakers will leverage that knowledge in this presentation.) Learn why FHIR® is a force multiplier for the exchange of clinical C-CDA documents and gain exposure to technical work being done at HL7 to support consistent transformation of structured clinical note information between CDA and FHIR® standards. Speakers share current progress that demonstrates the combined use of C-CDA and FHIR®.

Learning Objectives

Following this Roundtable, attendees will :

  • Understand the importance of the document paradigm supported in FHIR®

  • Compare C-CDA documents and C-CDA on FHIR® documents

  • Recognize why FHIR® APIs make exchanging information in C-CDA documents easier and better

  • Discover standard mapping resources to make information transformation between C-CDA and FHIR® more consistent

  • Appreciate how C-CDA on FHIR® and Document Reference resources support IHE document-sharing models


Lisa Nelson, MS, MBA, Principal Informaticist, MaxMD

Matt Lord, Senior Consultant, MDIX, Inc.

Rick Geimer, Chief Innovation Officer, Lantana Consulting Group