Children’s National Health System | Davies Enterprise Award

Children’s National Health System, a 2017 HIMSS Enterprise Nicholas E. Davies Award of Excellence recipient, stands at the forefront of using electronic quality boards to enable enhanced adherence to utilizing clinical best practice for reducing children’s exposure to CAUTI while improving medication reconciliation and reducing exposure to unnecessary radiation. IT-enabled clinical documentation improvements improve accuracy of patient records and generate significant return on investment.

Children’s National Health System reduced radiation in CT scan rates by 44% and reduced costs by $875,144 through the avoidance of 556 head CT scans.

Health Information Technology (HIT) enabled Children’s National Health to improve their documentation process through an EHR initiative. There was a dramatic decrease in the number of transcription and subsequently, a tremendous decrease in cost. The results from post implementation show a 93.4% reduction in annual transcription and a 93.9% reduction in annual transcription expenses.

Pre-Quality Boards, Children’s National Health had 0.28 unplanned extubations (UE) per 100 ventilator days. The results from implementing Quality Board included higher rates of engagement among both patients and providers.