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Integrating Clinical & Business Intelligence into Workflow

Data are plentiful.  Analytical tools are abundant.  But how to translate that data into knowledge, and incorporate it into a clinical and business workflow that results in delivery high-value care?  Integration of data analytics is not unique to healthcare, but with the challenges posed by our enormously complex healthcare industry, the challenge still remains. 

This series explores and identifies the challenges faced by healthcare organizations, both in business and technical terms and explores the topic of integrating C&BI with operational workflows in the clinical environment, provides some best practices, and looks to the future for new solutions.

  • Part 1 -- introduces the topic and the need for clinical and business intelligence integration into the workflow for care delivery.
  • Part 2 -- details case studies of this type of workflow integration and the impact to the organization. The examples provided are courtesy of Geisinger Health System, a Danville, Pennsylvania-based integrated health delivery system.
  • Part 3 -- explores future scenarios by hypothesizing how future healthcare industry trends and technology trends will open up richer clinical workflow integration scenarios.

Executive Analytics Review Series

Clinical & Business Intelligence Executive Analytics Review Series - HIMSS, May 21, 2015
Struggling to start your clinical and business intelligence program and create an analytics strategy? This three part series will

  1. help you perform an in-depth needs assessment;
  2. provide tools to develop the healthcare analytics roadmap through addressing core areas of who is your champion in acquiring the analytics program, what value to your business is generated with the development of an analytics program, and what is the total cost of program ownership; and
  3. provide a reference model of the IT analytic capabilities a healthcare organization will need as you build an analytics solution.

General Resources

Bridging Non-Traditional Data Sources into Meaningful Decision-Making – HIMSS, August, 2017

Healthcare Needs Data Analysts Who Are Problem Solvers – HIMSS, August, 2017

An Operating Model, Staffing, and Skills Guidance for Analytic Maturity – HIMSS, June, 2017

Cost Analytics: The key to sustainability in value-based care – HIMSS, February, 2017

The objective of value-based care is to meet the Triple Aim of improving patient experience, improving the health of populations, and reducing the per capita cost of care.

STEPS to Value Podcast Series. Episode #33: Is it Time for A Health Data Spring Cleaning? – HIMSS, February, 2017

STEPS to Value Podcast Series. Episode #31: Leveraging Analytics to Solve Data Mysteries – HIMSS, February, 2017

STEPS to Value Podcast Series. Episode #26: Clinical Analytics & The Power of Perspective – HIMSS, November, 2016

A HIMSS C&BI Task Force tool that provides an iterative, repeatable data analytics process framework for data scientists to collaborate with the decision makers and users to inform a healthcare organization's robust and effective operational and strategic policies, procedures, plans, and implementations.

Hawaii Pacific Health's Clinical & Business Intelligence Journey – HIMSS, April 16, 2014
This case study examines Hawaii Pacific Health's journey to promote patient safety and demonstrate measurable clinical outcomes.

7 Ways to Maximize the Value Data Visualization in Dashboards – HIMSS, November 27, 2013
Expert advice from Allison R. Allison, a health analytics consultant from Leidos and associated with the HIMSS Clinical & Business Intelligence Data and Analytics Task Force.

How to Build a Successful Clinical & Business Intelligence Roadmap – HIMSS, November 06, 2013
Health care reform is driving the need to manage the health of populations of patients across the care continuum to improve clinical outcomes and quality, reduce medical costs, increase revenues for services, and improve patient satisfaction. New payment models require new care processes and demand innovative reporting requirements.

Telehealth: An Affordable, Measurable Healthcare Delivery Model (Kaiser Permanente, Northern California) – HIMSS, October 24, 2013
KP recognized the importance of providing comprehensive care management to patients with chronic conditions and developed a telehealth strategy for addressing care across the continuum for congestive heart failure patients.

Essential Clinical Analytics Technologies (Module 4) – HIMSS, June 11, 2013
Clinical Analytics turns diverse data into meaningful information. Technologies support data acquisition, integration, enhancement and information delivery.

Big Data and Analytics - An Industry Perspective Question & Answer Session – HIMSS Innovation Community, April 12, 2013
Background on how the pharmaceutical and device industry are viewing big data and developing capabilities focused on utilizing multiple data sources to answer internal business and scientific questions.

ThedaCare’s Clinical & Business Intelligence Journey – HIMSS, February 2013
This case study examines ThedaCare’s journey along a business intelligence maturity curve and highlights several observations and lessons that can help others who might want to setup a similar function at their institution.

Clinical & Business Decision Support: Tech Support (Healthcare IT News)
HIMSS' Mary Griskewicz and HIMSS Analytics' James Gaston discuss the benefits and obstacles to integrating Clinical Decision Support (CDS) and Business Intelligence.

Industry News

Researchers Mine Data From Clinic, Big Insurer
UnitedHealth Group and Mayo Clinic will launch Optum Labs to use millions of health-insurance claims/patient records to research best outcomes at lower costs.

Mining Electronic Records for Revealing Health Data
RAND report neglects a powerful incentive for the switch to EHRs: the resulting databases of clinical information are gold mines for medical research.