TIGER Initiative News: July 13, 2017


  • Virginia K. Saba Nursing Informatics Leadership Award 2017
  • HIMSS18 General Education Call for Proposals
  • Expand Your Knowledge of C-CDA and Realize the Storytelling Power of These Documents
  • Standard Nursing Terminology Report Now Released
  • Applying for the HIMSS North America Board of Directors - Now Open
  • Applying for the HIMSS North America Nominating Committee - Now Open
  • Patient Engagement Contributes to Reducing Medication Errors
  • A New Global Malware Problem (NotPetya) and HIMSS Analysis
  • NotPetya/Petya/ExPetr: Another Global Malware Epidemic
  • Meet Jessica Liston - TIGER's Inaugural Intern 
  • Launch of TIGER's Scholars Workgroup 
  • The next TIGER VLE webinar takes place on August 1st: TIGER VLE Adoption Story: Mini-Byte Modules Directed at Informatics Competency Attainment in Nurse Educators
  • The Evolution of the TIGER Initiative