HIMSS Davies Awards

Awarding Improved Outcomes Through Health Information and Technology

Nicholas E. DaviesThe HIMSS Nicholas E. Davies Award of Excellence recognizes the thoughtful application of health information and technology to substantially improve clinical care delivery, patient outcomes and population health. The Davies Awards program promotes HIMSS's vision of better health through information and technology by recognizing and sharing use cases, model practices, and lessons learned on how to effectively leverage information and technology to improve care delivery.

How to Apply for the Davies Award

Are you one of the following organizations?

  • Hospital, Integrated Care Delivery Network, Specialty Hospital, Academic Medical Center
  • Independent Ambulatory Practices
  • Community Health Organizations
  • Enterprise Clinics
  • State or Local Public Health Organizations

Have you achieved key industry milestones?

  • Applicants must have an up to date Stage 7 validation on one of the HIMSS Analytics Maturity Models in order to apply for a Davies Award
  • Achieved sustainable improvement to clinical care outcomes and population health in outcomes through the utilization of information and technology enabled workflows, care standardization, and analytics to drive quality improvement.
  • Demonstrate public health benefit as result of using information and technology for your jurisdiction (for public health applicants)

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What are the Benefits of Applying?

Organizational Benefits

Gain a new perspective on your organizational growth. The case study process will show you just how much you have accomplished and where there are opportunities for further growth.

Best practice guidance on how to leverage health information technology to improve quality of care, patient safety and revenue.

More powerful financial leverage for additional funding resources.

Celebrate your success with well-deserved recognition through the HIMSSMedia Group. Publications are read by over 600,000 readers, and your story will be shared with policy leaders at all levels.

Career Benefits

The possibility of fast tracking your career by touting involvement with a nationally recognized Award application.

Past Recipients Discuss the Benefits of the Davies Application Process

2019 Davies Award of Excellence Recipients

Congratulations to the 2019 HIMSS Davies Award of Excellence Recipients

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