Apply for an Enterprise Davies Award

Who can apply for the Enterprise Davies Award?Dr. Davies

  • Acute Care Hospitals
  • Community Hospitals
  • Integrated Care Delivery Networks that provide Ambulatory and Acute care delivery
  • Academic Medical Centers
  • Specialty Hospitals
  • * Stage 6 or Stage 7 HIMSS Analytics EMR Adoption Model Achievers
  • Key Meaningful Use Milestone Achievers

Applicants must be Stage7 or Stage 6 on the HIMSS EMRAM Model.

All applications must come from the Care Delivery Setting.

To be considered for the 2018 HIMSS Davies Award, applicants must complete the HIMSS Value Score by May 30, 2018. For more information, contact Jonathan French.

How to Apply - 4 Steps

Step 1 - Pre-Submission Interview and Level-Setting

Contact Jonathan French at for a briefing on the survey and submission process. All applicants must complete a pre-submission discussion before starting the survey. All applicants must be fully electronic at the point of care.

Step 2 - Complete the HIMSS Value Score Survey

Complete the HIMSS Value Score Survey

Top Value scores will receive a HIMSS Davies Award site visit to validate how health IT is being utilized to improve care outcomes and generate value (as defined by the HIMSS Value STEPS Model).


  1. Listen to HIMSS “Davies Award 101” webinar and complete the pre-submission interview before starting the survey for assistance preparing for the questions on the Value Score Survey.
  2. Meet with a multi-disciplinary team of IT staff, C-Suite, and clinicians to identify value.
  3. Be prepared with data supporting evidence of value (clinical/patient outcomes improvements, patient safety improvements, improved revenue or cost savings as result of clinical improvements (both hard and soft ROI resulting from care episode avoidance like reduction of length of stay and hospitalizations) and improved revenue or cost savings as result of better business practices enabled through the use of health information technology.

Step 3 - Site Visit

Top scoring applicants will receive a site visit to move forward for Davies consideration.

Applicants not selected will receive a detailed analysis of their Value Score and gain feedback on opportunities for improvement.

During a site visit, applicants will demonstrate three case studies showing how Health IT has enabled improved care outcomes.

Each case study should include:

  1. Data demonstrating a local clinical and/or business problem prior to the implementation of the Health IT interventions.
  2. A detailed description of the governance structure associated with the selection, testing, field testing, and workflow design of the Health-IT enabled interventions and workflow intended to improve the local problem.
  3. A detailed demonstration showing the longitudinal workflow and all the Health IT interventions utilized to improve the clinical problem.
  4. Presenting A MINIMUM of 12 months of improved adherence to best practices coupled with A MINIMUM of 12 months of improved outcomes enabled through the use of Health IT.
    • An improved best practice- increasing the appropriate use of sepsis bundle order set utilization.
    • An improved outcome- reducing length of stay and mortality rates associated with sepsis.
  5. Detail the organizations change management and analytics model. How is the data for quality improvement monitored? Who triggers change management? What is the process for changing IT interventions, interfaces, order sets, best practice alerts, etc.?

Learn more about the Davies site visit process by listening to the Davies 101 webinar.

HIMSS Davies Enterprise winners will be recognized at 2018 HIMSS Annual Conference and Exhibition in Las Vegas and on the HIMSS Value Suite .