Apply for a Public Health Davies Award

Who can apply for the Public Health Davies Award?Dr. Davies

  • A state, local, territorial or tribal public health agency or a professional membership association of same;
  • Organizations handling delegated public health tasks for a state, local, territorial or tribal government.

Before you Apply

Review the Davies Public Health "How to Apply" Guidance

Schedule a Pre-Application Interview with HIMSS Staff.  Learn more >


How to Apply - 4 Steps

Step 1 -  Send Your "Intent to Apply" Notification

Include the Following:

  • Send notification at least 30 days prior to applying
  • Your Organization's Name 
  • Primary and Secondary Points of Contact
  • What Facilities will be submitted for consideration?

Email Your Notification >

Step 2: Case Study Submission

Tell us your story!

The Davies Award Committee is seeking your Health IT “stories.”  Using the case study submission template as a guide, tell your story weaving metrics/data that demonstrate your outcomes to help others “take away” how they can apply this in their own organizations. 

Davies Public Health Case Study Template

HIMSS Public Health Applicants are required to complete

  • One 8-10 page case study on the outcomes derived from the incorporation of health IT into workflow.  The use of Standards for Quality Improvement Reporting Excellence, (SQUIRE) can be leveraged as a tool in the design of a project,

Step 3:  Site Visit

HIMSS Public Health Davies Award Site Visits

Davies Public Health Finalists will receive a virtual site visit. A virtual site visit will consist of:

  • a webinar demonstrating the Health IT solution, and;
  • an adjoining workflow to a panel of Davies Award Committee members.

Additionally, the applicant will arrange interviews with key people from management, information systems, clinical users and other departments to answer questions of interest by Davies Award Committee members.

Step 4: Case Study Follow-up and Educational Offerings

HIMSS Davies Award winners may be asked to emphasize exemplary aspects of their approaches or accomplishments in the final submission of their case studies.   
Learn more

For more information, contact Jonathan French, Director, Healthcare Information Systems or call 703-562-8822.