Denise Garcia Egan - Member Profile

Denise Garcia Egan is the Director of Clinical Business Intelligence at Open Door Family Medical Centers, a Federally Qualified Health Center in New York. She established the Clinical Business Intelligence department in 2016 and worked to bring data to clinicians and care teams through actionable, visual dashboards. She also works to align internal quality measures with external reporting requirements and develop reports for all aspects of clinical quality, infection control, care management, as well as operations and finance.

Denise began her healthcare career over 15 years ago. She started her work in the field by managing those with chronic diseases and navigating patients through the cancer screening process. Denise used data to show the improvement of patient clinical quality outcomes when utilizing registry reporting tools and visit planning prompts. She continued to manage healthcare programs through the measurement of clinical indicators.

Denise is a graduate of Hunter College with a Master of Public Health and received her Bachelor of Arts from Tufts University.

I grew up with a mother who was partially deaf and at a young age, I became not only her eyes and ears, but her health care navigator. I saw how she struggled to obtain hearing aids and the financial burden from the frequent trips to doctors and specialists.

I was drawn to public health, originally with the focus on community health education. As I worked on numerous performance improvement initiatives, I learned the valuable role that data plays in managing the health of all patients in our community and not just those that come through the door for acute care needs.

I try to think about that my role is part of a bigger mission which is to keep people healthy. By working at a Federally Qualified Health Center that also means we provide quality care, regardless of a patient’s ability to pay. I work hard to share our data tools with the clinicians and care team members in hopes it makes their work in caring for patients more efficient.

When I came into the position of Director of Clinical Business Intelligence, I helped transition the organization off of one reporting platform onto something new and there was some resistance to the new tools. I worked to better understand the differences between the two platforms and highlight the advantages to using the new tool which allowed everyone to access and pull their own data. We are now reviewing patient engagement tools and I look forward to finding ways to incorporate that data into our clinician and care team workflows.

In 2018, I worked on our HIMSS Davies Award submission to highlight the improvement in asthma care and colorectal cancer screening rates. We received the award which demonstrates the impact health information technology has made on providing quality care at our health center.

I have been lucky to have many great mentors in my career, many of which have been female leaders. One of my first mentors told me to always anticipate the questions that might come up in meetings and come prepared to answer them.

Yoga – I have been practicing yoga for 20 years and it has taught me to focus on my breath in stressful moments and remain present.

MindBody – I use this app for scheduling fitness and yoga classes both locally and when traveling.

I love my current job, but if I ever get replaced by a computer I would teach yoga at a beach resort.

Binge-watching TV