Electronic Attachments Tell a Comprehensive Health Story

Upcoming regulation will likely promote the use of standard electronic documents (CDA) to support reimbursement-related transactions. The use of CDA documents as attachments within these transactions will increase the availability of many types of information that is hard to assemble today yet which is essential to tell a complete “health story”. This Roundtable introduced the proposed standards, discussed their usage, the business cases for standard attachments, and their potential to move us closer to a patient-centered, longitudinal, electronic record.

Learning Objectives:​

  • Recognize the proposed standards for electronic attachments.
  • Understand the applicability of standard electronic attachments for a variety of payer-based use cases and the potential value to payer, providers, and consumers.
  • Prepare for potential regulatory changes that may require the use of these standards for payer transactions.

Speaker Information:

Liora Alschuler, CEO, Lantana Consulting
Mary Lynn Bushman, Senior EDI Business Analyst, National Government Services. Inc.


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Electronic Attachments Tell a Comprehensive Health Story