EMR Direct: Stephan's User Story - Connected Care Through HL7 FHIR®

Primary & Emergency Room Care: 

Stephan is seen by his Primary Care Provider, then taken to the Emergency Department. On transfer to Tertiary Care at a different facility, a CCDA referral note is generated for Stephan.

With EMR Direct Interoperability Engine integration API, health data can be enabled as a FHIR resource or sent as a Direct Message. Using this core functionality plus some automation, Stephan’s referral note is sent as a Direct message to a special mailbox where upon receipt the CCDA payload is automatically converted to a FHIR resource accessible by Tertiary Care staff. Making Stephan’s visit details immediately available to these providers improves Stephan’s quality of care, since that organization doesn’t have access to the EMR where the PCP or ER visits occurred and isn’t itself Direct-enabled.